Past simple or Past Continuous

1. David was shaving when hsi wife came home yesterday.
2. The Claytons were celebrating a birthday party when I phoned last Friday. Susan was recorsing everything with her camcorder and everybody was having fun.
3. When the earthquake destroyed their house, the Claytons were shopping in town. Luckily, they weren´t sleeping or watching TV at home.
4. Whilw Tom and Sally were going to school, their little sister was sleeping peacefully in her bed. She was with the flu.
5. When the party started, people were dancing and laughing. Everyone was drinking and having a good time.
6. As soon as I saw the burglar breakig into my neighbour´s house, I called the police.
7. The chef was cooking a delicious meal when the guest started to arrive.
8. The man was talking on the phone when he creshed against the other car. On the other hand, the woman was putting on some make-up when the accident happened.
9. Mike heard an unexpected sound downstairs and he immediately got up and went to check everyting was alright.
10. Diana was kissing her boyfriends when her parents came back home from the theatre.



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