Write a little story in the past. Use connectors (and, but, then ,later, after that, suddenly...) and paragraphs. (10-15 lines)

Choose one of the options.

a) Your friends and you saw a UFO.

b) There was a blackout in Suances.

c) You came across a celebrity in the street.

Writing Activity 3. Fill in this guest registration card. at a hotel.

Writing Activity 2. Complete this text about the summer holidays with the past simple. Then write a short paragraph talking about your own holidays. (Christmas, Easter, Summer...)

Writing Activity 1. You'd like to stay in a youth hostel but you have to fill in this form with personal information. Make up the number of membership.  To fill in the category of membership, choose the one that best suits you from the UK Youth Hostel Association website. Include in your form how much you must pay per year.

Culture and Cross-curricular Resources

biography of Mozart
  • Reading Activity 4: Complete the biography of Martin Luther King Jr. Then answer the questions and watch the video.
  • Reading Activity 3: Complete this biography of J.K.Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, with the past simple. Then do the comprehension, spelling and vocabulary exercises related to the test.
  • Reading Activity 2: Arriving In New York City. This worksheet will help you to get familiar with airport vocabulary and using public transportation.
  • Reading Activity 1: Family Reunion. Read and listen to the rap. Then complete the information

Family reunion