1. Spent 2. Was 3. Were 4. Stayed 5. Went
6. Got 7. Tried 8. Were 9. Ate 10. Put
11. Visited 12. Found 13. Loved 14. Were 15. Had

Last summer I went on vacation with my family in Salou.
Salou was big and very nice.
In Salou i went to the beach every day , at the aqua park and
at the Port Aventura.
In the beach i swam and make sand castles.
I tried went at the striptease.
I loved Salou!

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4. Michelle and Jamie are each presenting a biography in class. Listen to their presentations.
Which people from the list below don´t they mention in their presentations?
Kirk Douglas, Michael Keaton, Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Jamie´s mother, Jamie´s grandfather, Jamie´s father.

5. Listen again. Copy and complete the sentences.
1. Michael Douglas was born in 1944.
2. Douglas won an Oscar in 1996.
3. Douglas has got the same birthday as his children.
4. Marie is sixty-two years old.
5. Marie met her husband at a party.
6. Marie and her husband lived in Ontario on a

6. Can you remember the following details?
1. How many children have Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones got?
They had two children.
2. How old was Marie when she met her husband?
Marie was known in twenty years old.

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1. Are these staments true or false?.
1. There were more than 500.000 people in Woodstock Festival. TRUE.
2. Bob Dylan didn´t go to Woodstock. FALSE.
3. Hippies protested against the Vietnam War. TRUE.
4. Two people died during the festival. TRUE.
5. Hippies experimented with drugs. TRUE.
6. There were two births during the Festival. TRUE.
7. Hippies didn´t like materialism. TRUE.
8. The Festival didn´t have any negative points. FALSE.

2. Write the past simple of these verbs.

3. These are photos of famous artists who had one thing in common: a tragic death. Can you guess who they are? Read their descriptions and write their numbers in the boxes.
1. d
2. b
3. f
4. e
5. g
6. a
7. c
8. h

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Past simple or Past Continuous

1. David was shaving when hsi wife came home yesterday.
2. The Claytons were celebrating a birthday party when I phoned last Friday. Susan was recorsing everything with her camcorder and everybody was having fun.
3. When the earthquake destroyed their house, the Claytons were shopping in town. Luckily, they weren´t sleeping or watching TV at home.
4. Whilw Tom and Sally were going to school, their little sister was sleeping peacefully in her bed. She was with the flu.
5. When the party started, people were dancing and laughing. Everyone was drinking and having a good time.
6. As soon as I saw the burglar breakig into my neighbour´s house, I called the police.
7. The chef was cooking a delicious meal when the guest started to arrive.
8. The man was talking on the phone when he creshed against the other car. On the other hand, the woman was putting on some make-up when the accident happened.
9. Mike heard an unexpected sound downstairs and he immediately got up and went to check everyting was alright.
10. Diana was kissing her boyfriends when her parents came back home from the theatre.

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superlative and comparative

a) Compare people using the comparative and superlative forms of the adjective.
Compare the following people:
Bob is younger than Homer.
Homer is older than Alice.
Alice is slimmer than Bob.
Bob is shorter than Homer.
Homer is fatter than Bob.
Alice is shorter than Homer.
Homer is uglier than Alice.
Homer is slower than Bob.
Bob is tidier than Homer.
Alice is more beautiful than Bob.
Alice has got longer hair than Bob.
Homer can play the guitar better than Alice.
Alice can run faster than Homer.
Alice draws worse than Bob.
Bob is more intelligent than Homer.
Homer is a more interesting person than Bob.

Compare the following people:
Garfield is older than Sponge Bob.
Sponge Bob is slimmer than Harry.
Harry is taller than Sponge Bob.
Garfield is shorter than Harry.
Garfield is funnier than Harry.
Sponge Bob´s eyed are bigger than Harry´s.
Harry is stronger than Garfield.
Garfield is more beautiful than Harry.
Bob Sponge is better at sports than Garfield.

b) Practise the comparatives and superlatives with these interactive exercises.
1. What is the superlative of "unpleasant"?
Most unpleasant.
2. What is the superlative of "small"?
3. What is the superlative of "deep"?
4. What is the comparative of "heat"?
None of these.
5. What is the comparative of "destructive"?
More destructive.
6. What is the superlative of "soft"?
7. What is the superlative of "ugly"?
8. What is the comparative of "lively"?
9. What is the comparative of "hot"?
10. What is the comparative of "sad"?

c) What do you know about world records? Complete the sentences.
Complete with the superlative form of these adjectives: long, small, large, big, cold, fast, high.
And these nouns: lake, animal, country, mountain, desert, river.
The Vatican is the smalest country in the world.
The blue whale is the largest animal in the world.
The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.
Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
The Nile is the longest river in the world.
Sahara is the largest desert in the world.
Russia is the largest country in the world.
The great wall of china is the longest wall in the world.
Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa.
Antarctica is the coldest place in the world.

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