4. Michelle and Jamie are each presenting a biography in class. Listen to their presentations.
Which people from the list below don´t they mention in their presentations?
Kirk Douglas, Michael Keaton, Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Jamie´s mother, Jamie´s grandfather, Jamie´s father.

5. Listen again. Copy and complete the sentences.
1. Michael Douglas was born in 1944.
2. Douglas won an Oscar in 1996.
3. Douglas has got the same birthday as his children.
4. Marie is sixty-two years old.
5. Marie met her husband at a party.
6. Marie and her husband lived in Ontario on a

6. Can you remember the following details?
1. How many children have Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones got?
They had two children.
2. How old was Marie when she met her husband?
Marie was known in twenty years old.



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